An unprecedented exhibition of more than 140 works unveiled at CENTQUATRE-PARIS and bringing together artists from around the world, inspired by BIC®.


BIC®, the world's leading brand and leading family-owned business in stationery, lighters and razors, unveils its collection of contemporary art for the first time.


This collection, begun at the end of the 1990s during an exhibition in Italy and devoted to the adventure of Marcel Bich, now brings together nearly 250 works by recognized and emerging international artists. The common point of these works? That they have been made or inspired by BIC®


BIC®: iconic and inspiring

Since the launch of Cristal® in the early 1950s, many international artists have freely used this ballpoint pen to make portraits, drawings, but also sculptures, installations, etc. The lighters and razors of the brand have not failed to inspire the artists.

More than 140 distinct and exceptional works have been selected for the exhibition, which will present the work of 80 such illustrious artists as Alberto Giacometti and René Magritte, as well as Fernand Léger and Alighiero Boetti. Just like those of contemporary artists like Martin Parr, Claude Closky, Philippe Favier, Angiola Gatti, Mamadou Cisse ... without forgetting the young generation with THE KID and Anne-Flore Cabanis.


Inspire the greatest number

The exhibition in the BIC Collection is a way to share with the general public new works in which drawing mixes with writing, where installations, sculptures and videos rub shoulders with design and fashion.

A cultural and artistic factory of a new kind, CENTQUATRE-PARIS welcomes audiences and artists from all over the world and it is for this reason that BIC naturally chose this place to present its Collection.


CENTQUATRE-PARIS and BIC share a common vision:

to touch and inspire the greatest number. Completely free, the exhibition is intended for all audiences who can benefit from a clear, simple and immersive scenography.


For Bruno Bich, Chairman and CEO of BIC Group: "This collection measures how well BIC® products can appeal to artists around the world, both as a creative tool and as a source of inspiration. We look forward to sharing these works for the first time with the public. "



The exhibition takes place in the stables of the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, space with a unique atmosphere whose architecture is divided into four sections that allow the visitor to discover the collection through four themes: the historical artists, a portrait gallery, design and fashion and imaginary architectures.

The course opens with a unique installation by the Austrian artist Herbert Hinteregger, made with more than 15,000 BIC® Cristal® pens. Among the commissions made for the exhibition, the Brazilian artist Janaina Mello Landini also designs a work on boat ropes made for the outdoor passageway. As for Hicham Berrada, a Franco-Moroccan artist, he worked as a chemist and highlighted the different components of BIC® ink in unpublished paintings.


A privileged space is also dedicated to Claude Closky, Alighiero Boetti and Jan Fabre, whose use of the BIC® Cristal® pen is fundamental to their practice.

CLOSKY Claude, Before / After (4 colors), 2004 - 29.5 x 39.5 cm; BIC® ballpoint pen on paper. © Charly Gosp. Courtesy: the artist and BIC Collection


Artists and themes

Introduction around BIC stories with: Philippe Favier, Lucile Lesueur, Meg Meg, Pixal Parasit and Raymond Savignac

* The historical artists of the exhibition: Alighiero Boetti, Giorgio Colombo, Alberto Giacometti, Fernand Léger and René Magritte.

* The portrait gallery: Enam Bosokah, Carine Brancowitz, Juan Francisco Casas, Fumatto, Aurore Marette, Martin Parr, Frederic Poincelet, THE KID and Giuseppe Stampone.

* The design, the object in fashion: Oscar Carvallo, enPieza! Studio, Kate Lennard, Sophie Hardeman, Proêmes of Paris, Tsé-Tsé and Paolo Ulian.

* The imaginary architectures: Noviadi Angkasapura, Carlo Benvenuto, Hicham Berrada, Jonathan Bréchignac, Anne-Flore Cabanis, Rebecca Chamberlain, Petros Chrisostomou, Mamadou Cisse, Amie Dicke, Claude Closky, Jean Dupuy, Jan Fabre, Angiola Gatti, Ghazel, Herbert Hinteregger , Thomas Hirschhorn, Frederic Khodja, Kai & Sunny, Charles Laib Bitton, Eric Lambe, Janaina Mello Landini, Lee Lee, Kevin Lucbert, Liu Kai, Andrei Molodkin, Teresa Poester, Haleh Redjaian, Vincent Servoz, Stephen Shultz, Vancy Engineer, Dominique Vangilbergen, Shony Wijaya and Tatiana Wolska.